Do you know your ADSL from your FTTC? Bonded or Load Balanced? If all of this is simply jargon then read on. We will help you choose the correct managed broadband solution for your business.

Managed Broadband (ADSL)

It’s not enough that your broadband service is robust, fast and reliable. That should be a given (it is with us). Your broadband should also run on a business-only network with suitable optimised download and upload limits. We also don’t indulge in regular ISP practices like traffic shaping, which can reduce your broadband performance for the sake of other network users, except at peak usage times, and we do not believe in port blocking.

In addition, our best-in-class Draytek routers will increase your connection reliability through load balancing (see below), link to virtual private networks (for example allowing remote access to your company intranet) and apply any content filters you require. That’s the level of service we offer as standard with our managed broadband. That’s the ICT Solutions difference

Load Balanced Broadband

With load balancing, two or more broadband connections are attached to a dedicated router which will maintain your service if an individual broadband connection goes down. It also routes traffic optimally across the connections to deliver a better broadband experience. Typically, we use three different methods of load balancing:

1. Failover – automatically routes your traffic via a secondary connection if the primary goes down.

2. Service based – for example sends website traffic over broadband connection A and email traffic over broadband connection B.

3. User based – sends your low priority users down connection A and high priority users down connection B

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

With the spread of fibre broadband, a growing number of businesses can now benefit from greatly increased download speeds. A common misunderstanding is that fibre installations bring the super fast optic cable into your office. Not so. Its destination is the telephone exchange roadside cabinet nearest to your business. So we believe it’s imperative you have the best possible connection for the last leg of the journey into your building to minimise any loss of that precious speed. With our Fibre Optic Broadband services your business will be able to collaborate at high-speed, sharing files with regional offices, partners or remote workers and benefit from more responsive cloud-based applications.

Bonded Broadband

If fibre broadband is still not available for you, our bonded ADSL system performs well as an alternative. We combine two or more ADSL lines into a single aggregated connection to deliver greater download and upload speeds. It’s a cost effective solution and has the added advantage of being able to continue working at a reduced speed even if up to four of its connections fail.

What Our Clients Think

“SparksIntegra is our preferred corporate IT support services business partner, and having worked with several suppliers in the past, I can say that they have been a breath of fresh air. They have a great customer service attitude and company ethos and go the extra mile for every request made of them. Their skill base is very broad and they have comfortably solved every technical problem thrown at them, from new equipment builds, server and network equipment setup, diagnostic and support, to end user device problem solving and helpdesk. Their flexibility and can-do attitude allows work to be carried out at short notice; rarely do we have to wait for a support ticket to be addressed. We will be staying with SparksIntegra as Excello Law continues to grow, because of their flexibility, helpful and efficient manner and technical skills. I am very happy with the level of personal service that we get from them and would highly recommend them to any company.”

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