Infrastructure As A Service

The name may sound a little complicated but IT Infrastructure Management as a Service, means exactly what its title suggests. When ICT Solutions offer you the service of IT infrastructure management, you can say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining on-site hardware, plus the burden of ensuring that everything from servers to routers are working correctly.  We host and manage your IT infrastructure in the Cloud together with any issues that go with that. It’s an ICT solution that gives your system higher resilience and reduced ownership costs.
It’s also fully scalable and flexible, so you can ramp up your capacity and performance when you need but also ease back if you enter a slower business cycle. That way you won’t pay for anything you don’t require. Your use of networks, computers and storage can be dynamically adjusted to cope with fluctuations in demand from your software and services, allowing for powerful management and monitoring, up to (but not including) the operating system (OS) layer. If switching to a virtual environment sounds great in theory but daunting in reality, rest assured that ICT Solutions offers a complete service for the entire project, from initial scoping through to migration and on-going support. Whatever your IT infrastructure management requirements, ICT Solutions will be there, ensuring you to get the most out of your virtual system. Sparks Integra – The system integrator


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