Cloud & Hosted Telecoms (VOIP)

You use the internet for so much of your business communication. Why not your telecoms system as well?

With cloud and hosted telecoms, your telephone calls are transmitted through the internet via VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) instead of traditional phone lines. You can make and receive calls from anywhere with internet access and save up to 40% on their cost and line rental, as well as replacing expensive ISDN lines if your business requires these.

Hosted Telecoms & Voip Features:

  • Call management: call-forwarding & monitoring, caller ID, multi-ring facility
  • Conference calls including video conference
  • Listen to voice-mails online
  • Call recording and logging
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Call routing: phone / mobile – mobile / phone, any number to any phone

Benefits Of Hosted Phone Systems

  • Cloud telecom systems have all the features of traditional phones but with a much reduced upfront cost, and you can add and remove users with a click of a button; you only pay for what you need, saving up to 40% on calls and line rental.
  • Ideal for mobile staff and multi-site operations. You can seamlessly work from home, the office or ‘on the go’ through a smart phone or soft phone solution
  • The system is future proof as SparksIntegra  can perform all necessary upgrades seamlessly over the internet with little ongoing maintenance is required.
  • Having a cloud system allows easier integration with your CRM or ERP software, as well as other communication tools within what’s called a unified communications programme. Unified communications can raise your productivity and data flexibility. If you’re interested, we can tell you more.
  • We recommend Fibre (FTTC like BT Infinity) or ethernet/leased lines for larger hosted telecom networks. However, depending on your requirements, our engineers may be able to use your current ADSL connection to run the system. Hosted Telecoms also replaces the need for expensive ISDN phone lines, hardware and high maintenance due to most issues being dealt with remotely.

What Our Clients Think

“My company appointed ICT Solutions some years ago as external IT Support to maintain and improve our IT capability. ICT have proved to be an incredible asset to our business and helped improve efficiency ad time spent on certain management tasks.”


Ask us a question about Fully Managed IT and the support we can offer your business, or send us your requirements to find out more.

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