Hosted Servers

Remote hosted servers are probably the best known cloud application. The irony is they’re also the least understood. A server is a server, yes? And in the ‘Cloud’? That means it’s hosted somewhere else, probably in some massive data storage complex? Well yes, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

We take a bespoke approach to your cloud server provision, because it’s the key to you getting the performance you deserve and we provide. That’s why we do not offer any specific server packages. Each server we provide is configured uniquely to meet the specific requirements of the individual client. The only thing that’s common about our servers is their flexibility, designed to accommodate Microsoft Windows, the Linux distribution of your choice or other operating systems.

From migrating all your data through to platform launch, we will take care of everything and provide on-going support once you’re up and running.

  • Cloud based servers and applications
  • Data centre level availability with high security and generators
  • Corporate level disaster recovery or backup options
  • Resilient servers with multiple hard drives and power supplies, should one fail
  • A virtual environment with scope to add multiple servers in the future
  • A green solution with massive power consumption savings
  • A low maintenance solution with minimal downtime
  • High speed broadband with several failover layers

The right server is like a healthy heart, storing and distributing data – your company’s lifeblood – around your business.

Let SparksIntegra help you create the right one for you.

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